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The Stadthof is mentionned for the very first time in history. A certain Hugo Kolahüsern makes his house a legacy to the St Leonard monastery - probably to escape the purgatory!
The Stadthof is owned by a drapery trader named Johann von Betwiler who probably came from Bättwil, a village 10 miles from Basel.
The city of Basel introduces road numbers. Before, addresses were described in complicated ways: The Stadthof was situated "on the Barefoot square, the old street of the beef market and the little road leading towards St Leonard".
Around 1800
Karl Lindemayer opens a wine saloon. It starts as a little pub, but over the years becomes a well known tavern (with the right to accommodate people).
Opening of the Brötli-Bar at the Stadthof. The place becomes an instant success because of its healthy, delicious and quick food.
21st century
We still love to serve you. And you notice every day!
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